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Keep me Motivated - Win a painting!

With Art Fair Season quickly approaching, It’s time for me to start cranking out some art! I thought I would spice things up a little bit and make a little game out it...

Starting today, I will be creating and posting new art on my Blog every day, until the last day in February.

I need your help to stay motivated, so here is the fun part…

If you see that I did not make a post for a given day, then the next day you have a chance to call me out and win a 10% off coupon for anything in the store and commissioned work. Coupons can be combined if you win more than once!


- ONLY the first person to call me out, wins for that day (One Winner per day I miss a post.)

- You must make your claim as a comment on my latest Blog post.

- Your claim must be made between 12:00am - 11:59pm the following day I miss a post.

- The Art that I post can be any form of art. Although I am striving to do one painting every day, I can also post; the progress I have made on a painting from the day before, Photos, Poems, and so on.

Feel free to make requests on what you would like to see me create!

Here is today's painting. 12" x 9" Oil on Canvas Panel. I'm looking for a title for this piece. Help me name it by leaving comments of what you see! My first reaction is a Pink Flower.

Abstract_Bradley Goff _ Michigan Oil Painting Artist

Thanks for reading!

- Brad

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