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Time keeps on ticking into the future

A lot of work to be done! Paintings are selling. And time keeps on ticking into the future.

Two of the Michigan Mini Paintings sold so far at the One Well Brewing show. I’m pretty happy with that because usually when someone walks into a bar to have a couple of pints, buying fine art is not on their mind (no, that is not the beginning of a joke.) It has been a great pleasure working with everyone involved at One Well. Especially Patrick Hershberger, who is the art curator.

Sailboats! I started out with a few sailboat “studies” and they went over really well! So expect to see a big focus on sailboat paintings this year. Especially this summer when it warms up and I can get out to do some plein air painting at marinas and beaches. I purchased a nice new French Easel just for this purpose. Now we just need spring to get here already!

Procrastination often seems to get the better of me. I will be entering a piece into the 2018 West Michigan Area Show at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts this year. However the entry is due in 5 days and I am just starting the 60”x48” piece today! I have issues that may never be resolved when it comes to procrastination. Who’s with me!?!? Anyway, this piece is top secret so you’re going to have to wait to see what it is :)

Thanks for reading!

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