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Still Painting!

I got my show set up at One Well Brewery this past week. I’m very happy with the way the paintings look in their new setting. Most of the paintings are set against a wood panel wall. With the way the studio lighting is cast upon the art, it all came together nicely and really pops!

Recently, I have been working on a new Marina series. The paintings are similar to my Northern Lights series, but with more of a focus on the look and feel of an abstract marina with sail boats. I’ve also started working on a couple new commissions. One of the commissions will be of an Owl (My first Owl!) The other commission came from a friend, Dustin, who lives out in Seattle, Washington. It will be 5 different 12”x12” canvases. Each canvas will have a different state that Dustin has lived in. Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, California, and Washington.

Short post, but time to get back to work! Thanks for reading!

Art by Bradley Goff

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