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Trevino Commission Done!

I am very happy to have finished the Trevino Commission! This is one of those painting that gave me some grief at first and took me a lot longer to complete than anticipated. But I love the final result and I learned a lot in the process.

My clients gave me a color palette to work with and said that they wanted something that resembles a sun setting on a lake (as this painting will be going in their lake house.) This is the final result! I feel that I did a good job of using their color palette to represent a sunset and still maintaining my abstract style. One challenge that I had was that I kept wanting to use a lot more blue to represent the sky and water. But the only color I had to work with that is close to blue was teal.

Eventually, I was able to breach the gap between my usual “full abstract” style and more of an impressionistic approach to creating the sunset look. And the teal ended up being blessing as it really helps make all the colors in the painting pop!

Trevino Sunset 48” x 30” Oil on Canvas

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