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Cottage Art Niche?

Happy Monday! I’ve been staying quite busy and have a lot I want to get out of my head and onto a canvas.

Last night I delivered the Trevino commission to their lake house. I was excited to see how it would look with the lighting in their house. Although we had overcast skys, I was happy with what I saw while I was there. The room where the painting will be hanging receives full southern sunlight over a large lake. On a clear morning the room will be filled with natural warm light that will accentuate the colors in the painting perfectly!

I finished a painting of a couple of canoe paddles late last week which received good feedback online. It sold the first day it was posted! Our interior designer, Abigail Hayden, also inquired about the painting and said to keep her updated on any other cottage related art. This got me very excited. Could I have found the Niche I have been looking for? Michigan IS the “water wonder land” and has more inland lakes and rivers than any other state. My mind started racing with ideas of other cottage related art!

First I thought, what exactly is the definition of a Cottage? And how is it different from a Cabin? After some thought and a little research, my definition of a Cottage as it relates to the situation is; a simple house or dwelling, typically one near a lake or beach. Particularly with Michigan, one may think of a Cottage as a lake house where one can get away and enjoy the outdoors during the summer months and sometimes in the winter months.

Next I started thinking of different subject matter for Cottage related art, and this is where I can use some help. So far my short list is; Paddles, Canoe, Row Boat, Sail Boat, Buoy, Bobber, Fish, Riffle, Snow Shoes, Deer, Chain Saw…

If anyone else has any ideas for Cottage related art, I would really appreciate replies in the comment section or send me an email! Thanks!

Canoe Paddles

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