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Love you Guys!

A lot has happened since my last post!

I finished a 40” x 30” abstract painting that I am very happy with. I wasn’t quite sure what to name it so I posted an image on Facebook and Instagram and asked people to tell me what they saw in the painting. The response was great! I could not believe how many people replied, and how imaginative they were.

Here is a run down of what people saw or suggested as a title;

Harbor, Marina, Mystic Aquarius, Shanties on the pond, Arctic Lights, Reflection of trees in still water, Tranquility, Frozen lake surrounded by a forest, Reflections (a few people said reflections,) Frosty morning at the marina, Marina in the rain, Misty Mornin, Morning rain, Blue Bayou, A wedding in the clouds and an isle with people on both sides with the groom at the end, New Opportunities (because they saw a bridge,) Wake (from a vessel on the water,) Blue Favela, Seaside City, Road or pathway with trees and lilacs, an artificial head speaking and you can see the digital noise, Aqua tranquility, Turquoise Lagoon, Cool water, Cottages surrounding a lake, River or canal, A beautiful state of dreams, People chatting at a party from the point of view of the viewer, Lake scene.

In honor of all my social media followers, I am titling the piece “Boundless Imagination.” In every suggestion given, I could see where they were coming from.

Next, I finished a small 10”x8” painting of The Mitten State. Michiganders love their state. I plan on making many of these little guys to sell at art fairs this Summer.

Lastly, I sold a painting over the weekend! Lake Scape, 40”x16” sold at an auction for over asking price! A portion of the profits went to raise funds for Kalamazoo Country Day School.

Time to get busy in the studio! Thanks for reading!

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