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Do what you do!

Happy Monday! Once again, a lot has happened since my last post. My Giraffe painting sold, I created and sold a second Paddle Painting, I have a new Oak Tree Painting commission in the works, I was invited to participate in two Art Hops, and I was accepted to the MSU/East Lansing Art Fair.

With all the buzz going around about April the Giraffe and her pending birthing of a baby calf, I figured that I would put my Giraffe painting back out on the spotlight. I have been wanting to get this painting into someone’s home for a long time because, like with a lot of my paintings, it just looks so much better in person (with all the texture and all.) So I put a post out there on social media, tying the painting in with current events and offered it at 30% off. It sold in less than 24 hours! I am so happy that the Giraffe Painting is now looking proud, on display in someones home for many more people to see than just me! Thanks Abby! I hope you enjoy the painting as much as I have!

I finished the second painting in my Paddle Painting Series last week. Someone saw it in the background of a photo for my social media post with the Giraffe Painting, and bought the Paddle Painting hot off the easel! I have already started on the background of Paddle Painting #3, but I am unsure of what colors I want to use this time. Right now I am thinking I want to go bright and flashy. Maybe some Hot Pinks and or Hot Oranges! Anyone have any ideas?!?! Feel free to leave comments below!

My buddy Lon pulled the trigger and ordered a commission he has been thinking of for a little while now. Lon likes the idea of the Oak Tree paintings I have done in the past. But he wants me to use “crazy reds” in the painting, along with some blues and grays. I bought the 36”x36” canvas that he requested and am starting to envision what the painting will look like in my head. I can’t wait to get going on this one! If anyone else is interested in commissioning a painting with custom colors, just let me know! My current rate is $60 per square foot, or around $0.42 per square inch.

Kalamazoo Art Hop reached out to me last week and invited me to be a part of the April Art Hop in Downtown Kalamazoo. I am very excited! Only problem? My inventory is SO LOW! Hard to complain too much… I just need to get a couple more paintings completed in the next couple days so they have time to dry! I am also in the process of getting some of my first ever Limited Edition Prints made as something people can buy at the event. Anyone have any requests for any of my paintings they would like to see recreated in print form? I am also expecting to be in the August Art Hop, but I will have more info on that later. Come check me out at Consumers Credit Union in Downtown Kalamazoo on April 7, from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.

I officially got accepted to this year's MSU Art Fair, which is May 20th-21st on the campus of Michigan State University. It is at the same time as, and kind of blends in with, the East Lansing Art Fair. This is my second year in a row doing this Art Fair. Last year’s MSU Art Fair was absolutely amazing with the great weather and the tens of thousands of people who visited the Art Fair. It also holds a special place in my heart as this was the Art Fair where I truly got the feeling in my heart that I “made it” as an artist. I sold large paintings to people I had never met before. I will never forget the moment I sold “Bruce the Elephant.” “Bruce” is a large 48”x48” elephant that had become part of my branding and identity as an artist. The bitter sweet moment came on the second day of the art fair when Renee came rushing into my booth with excitement and proclaimed “I want to buy the Elephant Painting!” Through conversation with Renee, I could tell that the painting struck a certain cord deep in her sole. This made me very happy, and reinforced why I am doing what I am doing!

One more thing to check out… I came across this article reviewing different brands of Oil Paints. As an artist, it is sometimes hard to find an unbiased opinion on the products you are thinking of buying. I found the article very helpful and am thinking of trying a couple different brands out to see what I think! Right now, I mostly use Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color, Level 2. I like how it feels and handles while I am painting, and the end result never disappoints!

Wait! I’m not a writer! Time to get back in the Art Studio!

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