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Warp Speed

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in two months! Time is flying by at warp speed, and I’m loving every moment of it. Since my last post, many paintings have been created and sold, and many commissions have been ordered. I have met a lot of new great people. The MSU art fair was awesome. And getting ready for the KIA art fair in Kalamazoo this weekend.

Northern Lights Series continues to be a hit. Julie commissioned her painting back in February and it was dubbed “Northern Lights.” Next, “Boundless Imagination” was created with a similar look and feel. After Nikki purchased “Boundless Imagination,” a Northern Lights Series was born. Northern Lights Series, Paintings 4, 5, and 6 were sold last weekend at the MSU art fair. I then finished my largest of the series so far, “Northern Lights Series, Painting #7,” 60”x48” Oil on Canvas, and that sold to Larry and Eric out in Colorado. NL#7 will be on display at the art fair next weekend. But then will be getting shipped out to CO the following week.

After the KIA Art fair this coming weekend, next up will be completing the 5 commissions I have lined up, including Nikki’s next 3’x5’ commission. Then I will be gearing up for the Traverse City, Crooked Tree Art Fair on July 29.

Time to get back to painting!

Northern Lights Series, Painting #7

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