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The KIA Art Fair was a success a couple weekends ago! I sold Paintings 8 and 9 from the Northern Lights Series, the third painting from my Paddle Series, and “Lake House” that I painted last year. I also, once again, met a lot of new awesome people and schedule a couple more commissions.

My roll of canvas should get here today. So I’m hoping I can finish making the 3’x5’ canvas for Nikki’s next piece. I learned a new way of making the frame to stretch the canvas on. This new method should make the finished canvas a superior product! Very soon, I plan on making a slight tweak to the canvases I make. This tweak will bring the depth of the side wall of the canvas from the treditional 1.5” to 2.25” and really make a statement!

This week I plan to start and finish Niki’s 3x5, finish the color study for Terry’s future painting, start on Jon’s Eiffel Tower painting, and hopefully a couple more paintings. I also need to keep in mind that my next art fair will be here before I know it at the end of July, and I need product for that! I plan to continue my Paddle Painting Series and I feel that they would do well in Traverse City.

I will have my Insta Story going on Instagram all week! So check me out if you want to follow along. My handle is Thanks for reading!

KIA Art Fair

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